Casino Stud Poker Layout - Flocked Green


Flocked cloth is designed for it's luxurious look and feel (feels like brushed velvet).


Casino Stud Poker layout - green


- Splash resistant (Split drinks quickly and easily mopped up)
- Cleans well with fabric cleaner (cheaper than buying a new layout)
- Less than half of the price of Stud Poker felt (saving you money)
- Less absorbent than felt (no soggy layouts)
- Brightly printed layout (better in low light areas or from a distance)
- Deeply coloured cloth (more of a wow factor for your customers)
- Luxurious look and feel (adding to the glamour of a casino event)
- Smooth professional dealing surface (dealers like these ones!)

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Layout dimensions

Casino Stud Poker layout dimensions

Layout material

Flocked green fabric

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